May 28th, 2005

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I don't really feel like updating a big oh update, lets just say my weeks been crazy! alot of running around!
I do wanna tell about yesturday though...

After school friday Melissa picked me up so i had more time to get ready. once i got home i changed and then had to wait for my sis to take a bath before i could leave to get my hair fixed, well she ended up takin a f'in bath for 1 hour! ugh* so i didn't leave till 5 to go get my hair and makeup fixed. i was so stressed. i was having a stressful week and started crying in the car. shew i am gonna have to take that same medcine my mom has! lol* but anyway, i didn't get done gettin ready untill 6. and i was in norton so i was like 20 minutes late for the dance. once i got there i hurried up and took a few pics then went in. It didn't seem like it was too long but it was fun! after the dance kate's dad came and got us and we went to m house and i changed and then we went to her house and she changed then we went to tha Ba where we met like 80% of the 8th grade lol* Her mom came and got us aroun 11:30 and we went back to her house. i was worn out and fell asleep after we took a few more pics.
But here are some of the pics i got ;)

8th GraDe PrOm<333Collapse )